Nureva release notes

This article provides details for the latest product releases, along with links to view a more detailed version of the release notes.

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Nureva Console

v1.2.153465 01/12/21 94.5 MB
  • Important security update
  • Activation of a 24-hour clock for HDL200 systems
v1.0.151356 12/14/20 94.5 MB
  • General performance improvements
  • Nureva Console client download speeds improved
v1.0.150008 11/30/20 94.5 MB
  • Performance improvements
v1.0.148858 11/16/20 93.8 MB
  • Enhanced performance when updating the firmware for Nureva audio conferencing systems
  • Updates for the HDL200 system's clock
v1.0.146807 10/29/20 93.7 MB
  • Sorting preference now persistent in Device Dashboard for Console cloud
  • Resolved issues with HDL300 not being connected to Nureva Console client 
v1.0.145820 10/19/20 96.0 MB
  • Active Zone Control now available in Nureva Console cloud for the HDL300
v1.0.43485 09/23/20 96.7 MB
  • Improvement to Console client start-up performance
  • Improvements to Console cloud usability
v1.0.141851 09/11/20 95.5 MB
  • Performance improvements for Console Client updates and Firmware updates
v1.0.140584 08/24/20 96.0 MB
  • Performance improvements
v0.1.139860 08/13/20 95.2 MB
  • Improved version checks relating to software upgrades
v0.1.139506 08/10/20 96.0 MB
  • Now supports Windows 10 installs where security settings have limited permissions 
  • Firmware updates for older versions of HDL300 now supported to version 1.8
  • Uninstalling no longer affects Nureva Room Manager
v0.1.138772 07/23/20 95.0 MB
  • Remote feature support for HDL200, HDL300, and Dual HDL300 systems
  • Local feature support in Nureva Console client for HDL200, HDL300, and Dual HDL300 systems
v0.1.137745  07/06/20 83.9 MB
  • HDL200 support
  • View device information
  • Update firmware 
  • Fast calibrate the system
  • Set the HDL200 display theme

HDL200 system

  • Improvements to microphone audio quality
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Improved microphone frequency response
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Span Workspace  

Version Date Notes
May Update 05/13/20
  • New functionality for connecting notes with red lines to show dependencies between them
  • The duplicate icon will be hidden in the item toolbar when groups are pinned
  • Bug fixes 
April Update 04/03/20
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
March update 12/03/20
  • Smaller notes allowing for more vertical content
February update 24/02/20
  • Templates added for new & trial subscription users
December update 16/12/19
  • Enhanced functionality for QuickShare groups
  •  Additional template functionality
October update 06/10/19
  • Syncing Span notes and Jira® issues
  • QuickShare confirmation dialogue
August update 14/08/19
  • Text focus fix
  •  QuickShare fix
July release 29/07/19
  • Jira® integration
  • Full-screen mode
  • User search improvements
  • Guest management
  • Ink quality improvements
May release 5/5/19
  • Undo and redo
R 12 10/3/19
  • Import PDF option
  • SSO for Okta and PingFederate 
  • Note functions (text size/pin)
  • Usability improvements
R11.1 16/12/18
  • Three-display compatibility 

Nureva Wall touch utility  

Version Date Notes
v2.3.6.5 21/11/19
  • Improved Matching user-experience and minor bug fixes
v2.3.6.4 26/05/19
  • Improved matching for multi-display
  • Modified touch appearance in UI
  • Ability to update Wall
v2.3.6.0 16/11/18
  • Resolved double and triple touch instances
  • Reduced latency for multi-touch
  • Resolved re-matching after upgrade
  •  Removed upgrade cancel prompt
v2.3.5.7 24/10/18
  • Improved touch latency
  • Improved screening on the projector
  • Resolved calibration issues
  •  Simplified calibration and wall utility icons
v2.3.5.5 27/06/18
  • Initial release to support WM408i

HDL300 system  

Version Date Notes
v2.3.6 29/10/20
  • Updated default echo cancellation and speaker level settings
v.2.2.58 26/08/20
  • Bug-fix related to the Noise Reduction and Echo Reduction settings in Nureva Console 
v2.2.56 14/07/20
  • HDL300 system enrollment into Nureva Console cloud through Nureva Console client
  • New microphone gain setting
v2.1.98 12/06/19
  • Active zone control
  • Echo cancellation and audio output improvements
  •  New default system bass and treble levels
v2.0.11 25/07/18
  • Reduces ambient noise pickup
  • Dual HDL300 support

Room Manager  

Version Date File size Notes
v2.2.42327 06/06/19 18.5 MB
  • Disconnected cable bug fix
v2.2.1 18/04/19 18.4MB
  • Motion detection improvements

  • Support for legacy, current, and future versions for projector firmware for the Nureva Wall
v2.0 16/07/18
  • Wall support
  • Wall tools
  • Notification updates
  • HDL300 single and dual support

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