July 6, 2020 - Nureva Console release notes

Windows 10 - version 0.1.137745
Last Updated: February 11th, 2021

Nureva™ Console is a cloud-based platform used for managing Nureva audio conferencing systems across multiple locations. This platform provides a single, secure dashboard that allows IT managers to configure and monitor their audio systems remotely.

Nureva Console client is a desktop application that installs on Windows® meeting room computers and is used for initial setup and in-room management of Nureva audio conferencing systems. Together, they provide a platform to enroll, configure, and maintain every Nureva audio system.

This release of Nureva Console provides support for the HDL200 audio conferencing system, along with the following local functionality in Nureva Console client.

  • View device information
  • View the firmware version
  • Update firmware
  • View connected device components and their serial numbers
  • Set and check the default audio device  
  • Set microphone pickup, speaker and bass levels
  • Conduct a sound test
  • Fast calibrate the system
  • Change echo reduction and noise reduction settings
  • Set the HDL200 display theme
  • Enable/disable clock on HDL200 display
  • Restore factory settings

Last updated:  July 9, 2020

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