February 13, 2023 - CV30 Firmware release notes

CV30 camera system
Last Updated: March 2nd, 2023

Firmware version 9.1.71 is now available for the CV30 camera system. Firmware for the CV30 can be updated through Nureva Console by using the cloud service or the desktop client.

If you need to install Nureva Console client or log in to Nureva Console cloud, please use the links below.

This firmware update delivers:

  • Significant improvements to the camera's tracking performance
  • Adds a command to enable and disable remote controls for multi-camera installations
  • Streamlined Tracking submenu for the Onscreen display (OSD)

New Tracking algorithm

A completely new tracking algorithm is introduced with vast improvements in both tracking reliability and framing stability. This new, pro-level performance allows users to provide a superior camera experience for remote participants.

Remote control enable and disable

For installations that include multiple CV30 cameras, it can be advantageous to have the option of disabling the remote control for one or more cameras. For example: 

  • Limit control to a specific camera or cameras
  • Help prevent accidental settings changes to the cameras
  • Restrict the remote to only control the volume of a Nureva audio conferencing system

For more information, please refer to Enabling and disabling the CV30 remote control.

Streamlined Tracking submenu for the OSD

The Tracking onscreen display (OSD) menu items have been streamlined for ease of use. The submenu has been renamed from "Settings" to "Tracking" and the three tracking modes have been given more intuitive labels, Manual, Auto and Group.

For more information, please refer to Using the on-screen display.

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