March 3, 2022 - Nureva® Console 3.0 release notes

Nureva Console cloud application
Last Updated: March 4th, 2022

This release includes the following new features and functionality:

  • Introduction of Analytics to Nureva Console cloud application
  • Support for Crestron Certified Control Driver

Analytics section and usage charts

The Analytics section in the Nureva Console dashboard allows for easy viewing of data across your enrolled devices, without additional software to manage. With usage charts, you can quickly determine which devices are in use. 

Additional charts and features for Analytics will be added in future releases.

Usage Chart

Access the Analytics section by logging into the Nureva Console cloud application and navigating to Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu. 

On the Analytics landing page, you will see a chart showing device usage data for the first room in your organization, listed alphabetically. By default, data from the past week is displayed. 

1644359998250-Console Analytics tour.png

  • You can explore device usage data via the following controls:
    1. Date range
      • Standard users cannot change the date range and are limited to the last 72 hours
      • Nureva Pro users can select a single day or a range of up to 31 days, by clicking the calendar icon
    2. Timeframe
      • Change the selected time range to filter out data when rooms are not in use 
      • The time zone is automatically determined using the system time of the computer you are using to access Nureva Console
    3. Select a room
      • Use the radio buttons to view data for any device in your organization

NOTE: You may explore data for each device as far back as 3 years, with a hard limit of Sept 1, 2021. (This is when Nureva first enabled data collection on its audio devices.) However, the date range is limited to a maximum of 31 days at a time. 

Crestron Certified Device Control Driver

The certified driver for Crestron 3-Series and 4-Series controllers is now available in the Crestron Application Market. Using this device driver will make integrations between Nureva conferencing systems and Crestron products even easier, as Crestron integrators can use their existing tools and products to control HDL200, HDL300, and Dual HDL300 systems.

The certified driver supports the following Nureva audio system features: 

  • Enable/disable active zone
  • Set full/partial zone
  • Microphone mute/unmute
  • Volume up/down
  • Speaker Bass and Treble settings
  • Recalibrate the system

Downloading the driver

  • Download the Crestron Certified Device Control Driver

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