March 22, 2021- Nureva Console release notes

Windows 10 and macOS - version 1.2.158992
Last Updated: June 22nd, 2021

This release includes improvements to Nureva Console and the Developer Toolkit.

Nureva Console improvements 

  • Added support to disable Nureva Console client UI from auto launching at startup for Windows 10 and macOS
  • Fixed issue where Nureva Console did not accurately detect Nureva HDL systems as the default device, and play test sound when the operating system language was set to Swedish
  • Improvements to the installation of Nureva Console client, when cancelling an installation or when installing over an existing installation 

Developer Toolkit 

Added Device Calibration to the Nureva Console APIs 

  • Added Create device command to create a command to run recalibration on a set of devices
  • Use Get device command statues to get result of the command. 
  • See our API Documentation for more details 

 Documentation Improvement for Payload properties

Last updated:  March 19, 2021

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