Stop Nureva Console client from auto-starting

Nureva Console client with Windows 10 or macOS
Last Updated: March 16th, 2021

In some use-cases, it will be necessary to stop Nureva Console client from auto-starting when the in-room computer is powered up. To disable auto-start for Nureva Console client, follow the steps below.

Steps for Windows 10

  • Navigate to Windows Settings
  • Choose Apps

  •  Select Startup

  •  Scroll down the list until reaching Nureva Console client
  •  Toggle the switch to Off

  • Close Windows Settings

Steps for macOS

  • Navigate to System Preferences and start the app
  • Select Users & Groups
  • Select the username for the account that will no longer have Nureva Console client auto-start
    • Admin privilege will be required when working on a different user's account
  • Choose the Login Items tab
  • Select Nureva Console client
  • Click on the “-” to remove Nureva Console client from the list of apps that open upon log in
  • Close Users & Groups

Last updated: March 16, 2021

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