March 8, 2021- Nureva Console release notes

Windows 10 and macOS - version 1.2.157954
Last Updated: March 8th, 2021

This release of Nureva Console includes the following new feature for the cloud service.  Nureva Console client for Windows 10 and macOS received an update to enable this feature. To access this feature, enroll your devices in Nureva Console.

Nureva Console cloud

Device dashboard

Quickly filter through four categories to easily triage devices and prioritize actions using the new device dashboard in Nureva Console. The four quick filter categories are:

  • Total -  Shows the total number of enrolled devices, regardless of their state
  • All good - Shows all of the devices that are online
  • Warning -  Shows all of the devices that are offline or need an update
  • Issues - Shows all of the devices that are disconnected or unplugged

Updated Device States

With the release of the new device dashboard, we have also updated our device states to provide additional insights  Each state is defined as: 


  • The meeting room computer connected to the device is turned off
  • Nureva Console client daemon is not running
  • There is no internet connection to the meeting room computer 


  • USB is disconnected between the device and meeting room computer
  • Power is disconnected from the device


  • HDL300 system is disconnected from the connect module

Nureva Console developer toolkit

Nureva command-line interface

When using the Nureva Console developer toolkit, an HDL device can be simulated for development purposes.  This allows for:

  • Quicker testing and development efforts
  • Full access to Nureva Console API's

Please see the Nureva Console developer toolkit for more information.

NOTE: Simulated devices and actual HDL devices cannot be used simultaneously.

Last updated:  March 8, 2021

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