March 11, 2021 - Firmware 1.3.57851 release notes

HDL200 audio conferencing system
Last Updated: September 29th, 2021

This firmware version (1.3.57851) is now available for the HDL200 audio conferencing system.  Firmware for the HDL200 can be updated through Nureva® Console by using the cloud service or the desktop client.

If you need to install Nureva Console client, it is available here.  To login to Nureva Console cloud, please click here.

This version of the firmware includes the following features and updates: 

  • USB descriptor changes for microphone and speaker ranges
  • Bugfix related to microphone levels going to zero for some UCC clients

NOTE: After updating the firmware, the computer must be restarted.  In some cases, the USB cable between the computer and the HDL200 system may need to be unplugged and reconnected.

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