June 14, 2023 - Nureva® Console release notes

Nureva Console desktop client and cloud application
Last Updated: June 15th, 2023

This release of Nureva Console introduces a device setup tool for HDL310 and HDL410 systems, improvements to analytics and updates to camera tracking.

Device setup tool for HDL310 and HDL410

The Device setup tool is a mobile web app that installers can launch on a smartphone or tablet by using the unique QR code on the bottom of the HDL310 or HDL410 connect module. Once connected, the setup tool will walk the installer through some key steps to ensure the Nureva system is installed correctly. After the installation is completed the tool will check for a connection and walk the installer through a firmware update and audio calibration. The setup tool helps ensure that the audio conferencing system is ready to be used.

By using the Device setup tool an installer can install and setup an HDL310 or HDL410 without installing software or connecting a computer. The device installation tips should help avoid the common install issues that result in troubleshooting and additional setup.


Analytics Exports

Nureva Console cloud users can easily download audio and usage data as a .CSV file. Exporting analytics from Nureva Console makes it easier to analyze data using spreadsheet tools and to share the data within their organization.

Analytics improvement

This release brings improvements to signal-to-noise ratio and background noise charts. The added graphics show better values to the signal-to-noise ratio charts helping to understand that lower background noise values are better while higher signal-to-noise values are better.

Camera tracking

Camera tracking support for HDL310

We have extended the capability of our camera tracking integration to support the HDL310 within Nureva Console cloud. The integration will function similarly to HDL300 camera tracking integration with data providing directional targeting data.

Camera Tracking improvement

Camera tracking for HDL410 systems has been improved by exposing the room sizing and orientation of the microphone and speaker bars. This update will help third-party integrators use Nureva's sound tracking data to correlate camera positions and angles. Room size data can be entered by the user through the coverage map. Alternately the automatically generated default (35' x 55') is used if room data is not entered. The Coverage map details include:

  • Room sizing
  • Microphone and speaker bar orientation details

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