December 13, 2022 - Nureva® Console 8.0 release notes

Nureva Console client 2.7.212504
Last Updated: December 13th, 2022

This release of Nureva Console includes support for activating and assigning Nureva Pro licenses, as well as supporting a new API for the Nureva Developer Toolkit.

Assigning Nureva Pro licenses to Rooms - Nureva Console cloud

Nureva Pro subscriptions include an extended warranty, expanded support hours, advanced hardware replacement and enhanced capabilities in Nureva Console. The Nureva Pro subscription must be activated through Nureva Console cloud before the benefits are available. Nureva Pro subscriptions are activated by assigning a license to a Room within Nureva Console cloud.

Device Setting History API - Nureva Developer Toolkit

Nureva Console can now supply data to help IT managers make operational and strategic decisions about their meeting rooms. Users can use the history of device settings to correlate device configuration with room configuration, making it easier to choose how to optimize rooms for the best audio conferencing experience.

We will now be making our device settings information available through the Developer Toolkit APIs so Nureva and our customers can better understand how devices are being configured.

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