February 11, 2021- Nureva Console release notes

macOS - version 1.2.55503
Last Updated: February 11th, 2021

Nureva Console now provides support for macOS with Nureva Console client for macOS. This release provides the following local functionality:

  • View device information
  • View the firmware version
  • Update firmware
  • View connected device components and their serial numbers
  • Set and check the default audio device
  • Set microphone pickup, speaker, and bass levels
  • Conduct a sound test
  • Fast calibrate the system
  • Change echo reduction and noise reduction settings
  • Set the HDL200 display theme
  • Enable/disable clock on HDL200 display
  • Restore factory settings

Users can also enroll their devices into Nureva Console cloud to manage and monitor their devices remotely.

NOTE:  macOS Big Sur is not fully supported at this time.  macOS Catalina and Mojave are fully supported. 

Last updated:  February 11, 2021

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