May 2, 2022 - Nureva® Console 4.0 release notes

Nureva Console cloud application
Last Updated: May 3rd, 2022

Nureva Console version 4.0 has been released. In this update, we’ve added new features including the following.

New Analytics landing page

Access Analytics by logging into Nureva Console cloud and navigating to Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu. You will now see the two supported charts: Usage and Background noise. This shows a high-level view of the data, where you can now drill into either chart for more details.

Background noise chart

The background noise chart will enable you to look at detailed measurements by room to understand whether background noise may be negatively impacting meeting spaces.

If you have a Nureva Pro subscription, you will see the last 7 days by default but can select 1 day or a range up to 31 days. You may also explore data for each room, as far back as 3 years as data is collected, with a hard limit of Sept 1, 2021. Nureva Console Standard will let you view the last 3 days.

Device usage insight

When viewing a specific room, you can see the “average device utilization.” This metric is meant to show a comparison between rooms in the organization. 

Supports multiple Nureva CV30 cameras
You can now connect multiple Nureva CV30 cameras to Nureva Console to do device updates in Nureva Console client and monitor multiple CV30 cameras through the cloud.

NOTEIf you have all your CV30s connected and enroll your devices, you may need to restart the Nureva Console daemon to successfully complete the enrollment of your additional CV30 cameras.

Device warranty in Nureva Console
All Nureva audio systems now show the warranty expiration date in Nureva Console. This enables you to quickly determine whether the product is still under warranty. Extended warranty will also be applied to eligible devices with Nureva Pro.

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