October 17, 2022 - Nureva® Console 7.0 release notes

Nureva Console client 2.7.206776
Last Updated: October 18th, 2022

This release of Nureva Console adds email alerts for the CV30 camera as well as features for the HDL410 audio conferencing system.

Support for the HDL410 audio conferencing system

Supported features

  • Simplified enrollment
  • Remote device management
  • Firmware updates including automatic firmware updates
  • Intelligent monitoring including some new alerts
  • Camera steering APIs
  • Analytics
  • Local configuration

NOTE: Some features may require a firmware update for the device before they become active.

HDL410 automatic firmware Updates 

It is important to stay on top of firmware updates to ensure you get the most value from Nureva conferencing systems. To configure automatic updates for an HDL410 system simply set the time zone that the device is located in using Nureva Console. When new firmware is available for the device, it will be updated between midnight and 3:00 am, based on the time zone that is set

New Email alerts - Offline alerts for HDL410

With the launch of the HDL410 audio conferencing system, Nureva will be adding new device email alerts for the offline state. These alerts will ensure that IT Managers are aware of issues as soon as they happen, minimizing meeting room downtime.

Location APIs for HDL410 

With the improved audio location data available with the HDL410, we have extended the capability of our camera steering integration to be supported in Nureva Console cloud.

Local configuration

The HDL410 audio conferencing system supports local configuration for device settings and firmware updates. When a computer running Nureva Console client is connected to the HDL410 system users can perform a firmware update, adjust device settings and configure camera steering.

NOTE: Once an HDL410 system is enrolled into the Nureva Console cloud application, the device can only be configured and managed through the cloud application.

Simplified enrollment

Enrollment into the Nureva Console cloud application is now even easier with the HDL410 audio conferencing system. Each HDL410 includes a Nureva Console enrollment code found on the bottom of the connect module. Log into the Nureva Console cloud application and enter the code on the enrollment page.

1664408370613-enter enrollment code page.PNG

Support for the CV30 camera

New Email alerts - CV30 camera

In addition to the HDL410 email alerts, we have also added email alerts for the Nureva CV30 camera. These alerts advise of camera disconnects.

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