Why is the HDL200 clock flashing 12:00?

HDL200 system and Nureva® Console
Last Updated: September 23rd, 2022

The HDL200 system has a built-in, configurable LCD display that can be configured to show a digital style clock. The default view for the LCD display has the clock disabled. The clock is enabled using the Nureva Console desktop client or cloud application.

If the HDL200 system loses power, the clock will remain enabled, but the time will not be saved and the clock will flash "12:00" until it is reset. 

Resetting the clock

  • Ensure that Nureva Console client is running on the computer the HDL200 connects to
  • Unplug and reconnect the USB cable that connects the HDL200 and computer
  • Once connected, the clock for the HDL200 will sync to the clock for the computer
  • The clock will display the time using a 12-hour clock format (default setting)
  • Adjust the clock settings as needed

HDL200 LCD display settings

  • Explore the HDL200 system's LCD screen
  • Review changing the LCD screen settings

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