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Nureva® Console cloud application
Last Updated: August 4th, 2022

Nureva Console cloud allows for remote management and monitoring of Nureva audio conferencing systems. In order to use the available features, an account must be set up and your Nureva conferencing systems enrolled into Nureva Console. In some situations, it is important to have more than one user with access to the devices through Nureva Console cloud. For these situations, Nureva Console cloud offers the flexibility of having multiple users for an Organization.

User accounts and Organizations

During the initial Nureva Console cloud setup and device enrollment, a user account is created. This account is associated with the individual that set it up. When that account is signed into for the first time, the user is prompted to create an Organization. Once created, additional users can be invited to this Organization.

The user account that set up the Organization has the role of “Owner”. All subsequent user accounts that are added to the Organization will have the role of “Admin”. Any active user can add or remove any user with the role of "Admin". A user is considered active after they have accepted an invitation to join an Organization.

Removing an Admin user

To remove a user from your Organization, log into your Nureva Console cloud account and complete the steps below.

  1. Select Users from the Admin list found on the main Nureva Console cloud dashboard
  2. Click the three-dot menu button for the user that you want to remove
  3. Select Remove from the menu
  1. Once the user has been removed a confirmation notification will be displayed

  1. If an "Admin" removes a user, an email will be sent to the “Owner” of the account

NOTE: The user that is being removed will not receive any notification about their removal.

The email notification provides a link to open Nureva Console.

Removing an Owner

Users with the role of "Owner" can only be removed with the assistance of Nureva technical support. If a user with the role of "Owner" is to be removed, the role of "Owner" will have to be transferred to another user.

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