How to use Audience Mute

HDL310 and HDL410 systems with Nureva Console
Last Updated: August 2nd, 2023

Audience Mute is a feature included with Voice Amplification Mode for HDL310 and HDL410 systems. This feature is only available for use when Voice Amplification Mode is enabled. Voice Amplification Mode allows a presenter's voice to be amplified in the room. Audience mute allows the presenter to control the microphone pick-up of the in-room audience.

  • When Voice Amplification Mode is enabled the default is the in-room audience being heard
  • Turning ON the Audience Mute feature prevents the audience members' voices from being heard by the remote participants
  • Turning OFF the Audience Mute feature allows the in-room audience to be heard by the remote participants

Turning Audience Mute ON and OFF

Press F2 on the remote control to toggle Audience Mute ON or OFF
OFF (Default)
  • Remote participants hear the presenter
  • Remote participants hear the in-room audience
  • The microphone and speaker bar LEDs are blue
  • Remote participants hear ONLY the presenter
  • The audience is muted
  • The microphone and speaker bar LEDs will turn magenta
Enabling Audience Mute before starting or joining a conference will mute the in-room audience at the beginning of a conference. Audience Mute can be turned off at any time during a conference.

NOTE:  Audience Mute returns to the default (OFF) state once a conference has concluded. When the next conference starts the Audience Mute feature will be turned OFF.

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