Is the HDL300 system compatible with the Cisco® Codec Pro?

Configuration instructions and connection diagram
Last Updated: August 16th, 2021

Yes. To connect the HDL300 system with Cisco Codec Pro, two custom cables are needed to accommodate the standard 3.5mm jack connector on the HDL300 system's connect module with the standard Euroblock connectors on the Cisco I/O panel.

Creating custom cables

Cable 1: Prepare a 3.5mm jack cable with the three pins positive (+), negative () and ground (), wired to an appropriate Euroblock 4-conductor terminal block per the Codec Pro User Manual microphone inputs. Leave the microphone Mute pin unused.

Cable 2: Prepare a 3.5mm jack cable with the three pins positive (+), negative () and ground (), wired to accommodate the Codec Pro speaker Output Left & Right terminal connections by tying the two negative () and two ground () lines together.

On the connect module

  1. Plug Cable 1 into the Aux out port
  2. Plug Cable 2 into the Aux iport
  3. Connect the PoE cable (provided) to the RJ45-1 port on the connect module to the rear RJ45 port on the HDL300 system
  4. Plug in the 54VDC power supply

On the Cisco Codec Pro

  1. Plug Cable 1 Euroblock connector into Microphone Input Channel 1 on the rear Codec Pro I/O panel
  2. Plug Cable 2 Euroblock dual terminal connectors into Speaker Output Channel L & R
  3. Connect the Cisco Codec Pro to the network via the LAN port
  4. Plug in the 110/240VAC power source
  5. In the Cisco Codec control software
    1. Set "Audio Input Mic Type" to Line 
    2. Set Microphone controls "Echo Control", "Noise Reduction" and "Dereverberation" to OFF

Connection Diagram

NOTE: The Nureva® Aux In / Out connections are single-ended, unbalanced signals with default maximum output signals as given in the table below. Any equipment requiring voltages below these levels may result in clipping, distortion, and in extreme cases, damage to connected systems. Equipment requiring voltages above these levels will not be adequately driven by the HDL300 system’s output signal and may result in quiet / no audio on the channel. Before connecting to the Nureva connect module, make sure the third-party device voltage levels are adequate or adjusted properly by additional interfacing hardware.

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