How to capture audio conference recordings for troubleshooting

HDL200, HDL300, and Dual HDL300 systems used with Windows®
Last Updated: November 8th, 2023

If you have been asked to submit audio recordings related to an open case with Technical Support, follow the steps below. A ticket/case number is required before sending your recordings.

Audio issues can originate at several points on the signal path so it is important to determine if the cause is the HDL system or the conferencing software. One method of finding this out is to capture recordings of an audio conference. These recordings are then submitted to Technical Support and used for comparison and analysis purposes. Nureva® recommends the recording process below, which will allow for the isolation of the issue source.

This process captures two simultaneous but separate recordings. One recording is made using the Windows Voice Recorder app with the second recording made using your audio conferencing software. The local recording will capture audio that is being fed by the HDL system to the PC. The recording from the audio conferencing software captures the processed audio that is uploaded to the conference software’s cloud.

To make a recording on the local PC

  1. On the in-room computer running Console client make sure that the HDL system is configured as the default device and default communication device for playback and recording
  2. Open the Voice Recorder app by searching for it in the Windows search bar
  3. Click the mic icon to start recording
  4. Once the recording has started, you will see rings around the mic icon reacting to your voice
  5. Start a conference using your audio conferencing software
  6. Start recording the conference using the recording feature of the audio conferencing software
  7. Reproduce the issue that you are experiencing
  8. Stop the recording from the Windows Voice Recorder
  9. Stop the recording in the audio conferencing software
  10. Submit the recordings to Nureva support ( for analysis

NOTE:  If the Voice Recorder app is not installed on your PC, it is available at the Windows app store 

Please ensure that your ticket/case number is included in the subject line of your email. When describing audio issues, it is recommended to stick to Audio Quality Attributes such as ‘Echo’, ‘Reverberance’, ‘Tinny’, ‘Nasal’, ‘Boxy’, etc.

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