Is the HDL300 system compatible with Panopto™ lecture capture?

Nureva® Console client and Panopto configuration instructions
Last Updated: August 16th, 2021

Yes, the HDL300 system can easily be used with Panopto lecture capture software to leverage the in-room microphone pickup of your HDL300 system. 

Connect the HDL300 system to the same PC that is running the Panopto software by following the usual HDL300 system installation steps.  Afterward, confirm that your HDL300 system is using the latest firmware.

  1. Download and run Nureva Console client
  2. In Nureva Console client, under 
    1. From the left-hand menu, select System Information
    2. If a firmware update is available, click on Update
    3. Close Nureva Console client

Panopto lecture capture settings

  1. Open the Panopto desktop App primary source manager

  1. Choose "Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300)" from the Audio drop-down list
  2. Set the "Quality" to Standard
  3. Select Capture Computer Audio

Go ahead and record or stream content as you normally would using your Panopto lesson capture software account.

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