Is the HDL300 system compatible with a Microsoft® Surface Hub™?

Nureva® Console client
Last Updated: October 13th, 2022

Yes, for larger meeting rooms, an HDL300 audio conferencing system can be connected to a Microsoft Surface Hub so that everyone’s voice is picked up clearly.

Configuring and Updating the HDL300 system

The Microsoft Surface HUB only accepts UWA applications. Nureva Console client is not a UWA application and cannot be loaded onto the Surface Hub. When setting up the HDL300 system and updating firmware, a third-party computer running Nureva Console client is required.

  • Connect the computer to the HDL300 connect module using the included USB-A to USB-B cable
  • Download and run Nureva Console client
  • Register the HDL300 system following the on-screen instructions
    • From the left-hand menu, select System Information
      • If a firmware update is available, click on Update
  • Disconnect the HDL300 from the laptop

Connecting the HDL300 to MS Surface Hub

  • Use the included USB-A to USB-B cable from the HDL300 system’s connect module to the USB-A port on the Surface Hub's bottom I/O panel. 
  • Do not use the side-panel USB port as this is typically reserved for USB sticks and walk-up-and-use (WUAU) scenarios.

From the Surface Hub Windows OS

  • Go to the Windows Start icon
  • Select Settings and then choose Calling & Audio
  • Under Microphone & speakers, set the options 
    •      "Use this microphone for calls"
    •      "Use this speaker for calls"
    •      "Use this speaker for media playback" to Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300) 
  • Set the volume slider to 100%

The HDL300 system will now integrate seamlessly with the native Surface Hub Microsoft Teams™.

Connection Diagram

NOTE: The technical specifications for the Surface Hub are available on the Microsoft Surface website.

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