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HDL300 audio conferencing system
Last Updated: January 20th, 2023

The Nureva® HDL300 system can be used with the Intel Unite version 4 plugin. The plugin enables audio playback for an in-room conferencing system from a client device connected over Intel Unite. When used with the Skype™ for Business plug-in, a client device connected over the Intel Unite plugin can also control the volume for the HDL300 system as the audio device for the Skype for Business meeting.

How does it work?

When using the HDL300 system connected to a device with the Intel Unite plugin, the volume of the speakers on the system can be managed from the Intel Unite app. The volume can be increased, decreased or muted from the app.

From the Intel Unite app

  • Select the HDL300 system
  • Adjust the volume as required

For instructions on installing the plugin, see our Intel Unite plugin for Nureva - Installation document.

For further information on the Intel Unite solution, visit the Intel Unite website.

UNITE version 3

If you're running Unite version 3, download our V3 plugin:

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