HDL200 microphones are not picking up sound

Nureva® Console with Windows® 10 operating system
Last Updated: September 23rd, 2022

When the HDL200 microphones are not picking up the sound from the room, the steps below will help correct the issue.

Check the HDL200's LCD display for a status indicator

  1. A red microphone or 7 red dots indicates that the system is muted
    • Use the remote control to unmute the microphones
  2. Displaying only a clock, a white dot, or 7 white dots after starting a call
    • Check that the HDL200 system is connected to the computer's USB 2.0 port via the USB cable
    • Check the audio conferencing software to ensure that the HDL200 system has been selected
  3. A blue microphone or 7 blue dots indicates that the system is active and connected to the call
    • Advance to step 2

Review information about the HDL200 system's LCD display.

Confirm the microphone settings in your operating system

  • Open Nureva Console and locate the HDL200 from the list of devices
  • Scroll to the Settings section
  • Click on Open sound settings
  • The Windows Sound settings panel will pop up
  • Choose the Recordings tab
  • Confirm that the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL200) is the default device
  • Confirm that no other microphone devices are enabled
  • Select Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL200) and then choose Properties
  • Click on the Levels tab
  • Ensure that the level is approximately 75% and mute is not active
  • Click on OK
  • Click OK again to close the sound settings panel

Confirm the microphone settings in your conferencing software 

  • Check that the HDL200 is selected as the microphone
  • Confirm that the HDL200 is set to an audible level and is not muted
  • Adjust other settings as required

Explore settings for audio and video conferencing software.

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