HDL200 system connection diagram

Nureva® Console with Windows® 10 or macOS®
Last Updated: December 24th, 2021

Connecting the HDL200

  • Using the provided USB cable, connect to the USB-B port on the HDL200
  • Run the cable to the in-room computer, connecting to a USB-A port
  • Connect the provided power supply to the HDL200 and plug into an available outlet or power bar
  • Once powered the HDL200 will automatically calibrate
    • Please remain quiet in the room until calibration is complete 
  • When calibration has completed, the screen may indicate that a firmware update is required

Download and install Nureva Console client

  • Download  Nureva Console client
  • Launch Nureva Console client installer
  • Follow the steps to complete the installation

Launch Nureva Console client

  • Launch Nureva Console client
  • The HDL200 system will be automatically detected  
  • Follow the setup steps to set the HDL200 as the default audio device

NOTE: Learn more about optimizing the HDL200 system's settings here

  • Enroll the HDL200 into Nureva Console using the step by step enrollment instructions, available here

What is Nureva Console?

Nureva Console is a cloud-based platform that allows for remote management of Nureva audio devices.

Why enroll devices in Nureva Console?

  • Monitor your enrolled devices through the Device Dashboard    
  • Manage your devices remotely   
  • Perform remote firmware updates    

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