Are Nureva® audio devices compatible with the Logitech® Swytch?

HDL200, HDL300, Dual HDL300 systems
Last Updated: September 23rd, 2022

Yes, Nureva audio conferencing systems are compatible with the Logitech Swytch laptop link. Please follow the steps below to connect the systems.

Preparing the Nureva audio conferencing system

To begin, ensure that your Nureva audio device is up to date and ready for use. Confirmation that your system is up to date requires a computer with Nureva Console client installed.

  • Open Nureva Console client
    • Check the Devices dashboard for a firmware update notification
    • Follow the prompts to update the firmware if required
    • Exit Nureva Console client and disconnect the USB A - B cable from the computer

Connecting to the Logitech Swytch Hub

  1. Ensure your Logitech Swytch is connected to the other peripheral devices according to the Logitech Swytch instructions
  2. Connect the USB A - B cable from your Nureva audio device into the USB-A port on the Logitech Swytch Hub
  3. Complete the setup using the Logitech Swytch instructions

NOTE: If you have multiple USB devices, please contact Logitech Support for assistance in choosing a compatible USB hub. 

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