Nureva® HDL300 Windows® Update Firmware Driver - FAQ's

Nureva Console and Windows operating system
Last Updated: November 8th, 2023

The Nureva HDL300 firmware driver for Windows provides users with a new option for keeping their Nureva HDL300 systems running with the latest firmware while minimizing effort for IT departments. Windows PCs that have an HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system connected will automatically download the driver in an upcoming Windows update.   When setting up an HDL300 or Dual HDL300 for the first time using a Windows PC, the firmware update driver will automatically download and install.

NOTE: This process will depend on an organization’s Windows update policy. Contact your IT administrator for more information regarding these policies.

Customers with Nureva Console client installed on meeting room PCs will continue to update the firmware for HDL300 and Dual HDL300 products using Nureva Console client.

Q:  I have many HDL300 units deployed across my organization. Do I need to update the driver individually?

A:  No. Each device connected to a Windows PC will automatically download the driver the next time those PCs are scheduled for Windows update. For more information on your organization's Windows Update policy please contact your IT administrator.

Q:  How do I control which method is used to update the firmware on our Nureva audio products.

A:  If your meeting room PCs already have the Nureva Console client software installed, it will remain the primary controller for updating firmware. The Windows update driver will not override this.

Q:  Does this new driver replace my existing HDL300 driver?

A:  No. The new driver is an extension of the base Windows audio driver that is automatically installed when you connect an HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system. This extension provides the ability to trigger firmware updates only.

Q:  Our current deployment of meeting room PCs uses Nureva Console client to update the firmware. Does the Windows update driver impact the software at all?

A:  If you are using Nureva Console client to update firmware on your meeting room PCs, this capability will remain the same. The first release of this driver has been built to not trigger any updates if you have Nureva Console client installed.

Q:  What versions of Windows are supported with this new driver?

A:  All versions of Windows 10 and 11 (including IoT versions) are supported. All versions before Windows 10 are not supported.

Q:  What happens if a firmware update fails?

A:  If a firmware update fails with this driver, the next time your PC restarts the driver will attempt to update the firmware again.

Q:  What happens if the driver fails to download correctly?

A: Windows update will prompt you to try again or will automatically retry on your organization's next Windows Update cycle.

Q:  I have Nureva Console client installed on my PC and would like to switch to the Windows update driver to facilitate firmware updates.  Can I do this?

A:  No, Nureva Console client will remain the primary method to update the firmware when Console client is installed on your meeting room PC.

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