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About Span Workspace

Unlock your team’s potential with our cloud-based software, Span Workspace, making working together easier. Create canvases and invite your teammates to collaborate in them. Add notes, text boxes, sketches, images and PDFs. Make the most out of hyperlinks, editing tools, annotation and more.

Engage teams with cloud-based collaboration
Reduce setup time and the need to transcribe notes
Engross students with enticing presentations

Make the most out of indispensable tools, such as QuickShare, screen sharing and follow me.

QuickShare Screen sharing

Follow me

Open Span Workspace

Create your account

Once your organization has a Span Workspace subscription, your Span Workspace administrator can add users to the subscription. After a user has been added, he or she will receive a welcome email that includes a link to create an account.

* If you haven't gotten a welcome email, contact your Span Workspace administrator.

Once you have a Span Workspace subscription, download the software to your Nureva Wall system, or simply open it in your web browser.


Go to

* Have a look at our technical requirements to make sure Span Workspace works with your system or browser.

Last updated: August 29, 2019

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