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Screen share troubleshooting

This article outlines some known issues with screen share and workarounds.

Screen share isn't working on the web client

If Span Workspace isn't initiating screen share in the web client (browser version), it is either because you are using a browser other than Google® Chrome™, or your Google Chrome browser is missing the Nureva screen share extension.

Workaround: Normally Span Workspace provides clear instructions of how to get the Nureva Chrome extension. However, if instructions do not appear, go to your Chrome extension store and download the Nureva Screen Share extension.

Microsoft® Office™ applications won't scroll or edit

When sharing the application window of a Microsoft Office product, such as Excel™, Word™ or PowerPoint™, the window does not scroll or show edits.

Workaround: Try displaying your Office program by sharing your entire screen.

Shared applications freeze, are clipped, go blank, or similar display issues

If you experience issues when sharing an application screen, your computer may be accelerating the application's graphics inconsistently with the graphics of the Span program.

Workaround: Try displaying your application by sharing your entire screen.

Last updated: July 12, 2017

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