Can I install the Nureva Wall with the HDL300 system?

The WM408i Nureva Wall can be easily integrated with the HDL300 system by following these points:

  • Connect the USB of the HDL300 system to the same computer running the WM408i
  • The attached computer can run both the UC&C client along with Nureva Room Manager. Nureva Room Manager can be used to control the WM408i Nureva Wall and the HDL300 system.
  • Nureva Console will be used to control the HDL300 system. The HDL300 system should be set as the default audio device on the computer, otherwise, the audio output will be through the HDMI port of the projector

Tip: Ensure that the Nureva Wall projector fan is running when you run the Fast Calibrate for the HDL300 system. This will ensure that the projector fan is recognized as ambient noise during this process.

For information on where to install your HDL300 system around your Nureva Wall, consult the WM408i Installation drawing (page 2) and Installation guide (section 6) documents at:

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