Aligning your projected image ►

A video and tips to help you align the projected image on the WM408i projector.

After you've installed your WM408i system, follow the steps in this video to align your projected image.


  • Use the Nureva splash screen when aligning your projected image. This splash screen will appear when there's no video input into the projector and has a white hairline around the projected image frame.
  • For dual or triple displays, adjust all of the projectors at the same time to make sure they align with each other as closely as possible
  • You may need to repeat the roll, yaw and pitch adjustments after tightening the screws on the projector for fine-tuning
  • When you're done aligning image, make sure the landed image is focused by following the steps in our focusing the projected image article

Once you've aligned your image, follow the steps in the setting up touch video.

Last updated: June 7, 2019

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