On-screen image alignment and touch calibration troubleshooting

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to address issues encountered when attempting to calibrate touch or align your projected images on-screen using the setup center.

For issues related to the touch module, projector, or image alignment module see: Hardware troubleshooting.

Span hardware center is not running/icon is missing from the taskbar ▼

  1. Use the Windows search bar to search for 'Span'
  2. Select Span hardware center. This will add the setup center icon to your taskbar
  3. Launch the setup center from the icon on your taskbar

NAM IP connection is red / Cannot establish an Ethernet connection with the NAM ▼

A. Check the Ethernet cable connections

  1. Start at the Nureva image alignment module NAM and check the Ethernet connection in the RJ45 ports
  2. Follow the Ethernet cord(s) from the NAM and ensure that they are connected to the same network as the PC(s) either directly into the PC(s) RJ45 ports or via a Wi-Fi router or switch

B. Confirm the IP addresses on the NAM to match the ones in the Span setup center  

  1. Locate the dials on the back of the NAM. Each dial corresponds with one of the last three digits of the IP address.  For the NAM2-1 there will be two rows of dials, the top row of dials corresponds with the IP address for Channel A and the bottom row corresponds with Channel B. Write down the three digits for Channel A and Channel B for easy reference.

  1. Open the Span setup center
  2. Tap Image Alignment
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Compare the IP addresses in the Span setup center with the ones programmed into the back of the NAM. If the IP addresses do not match, change the ones in the Span setup center to match the NAM.

NAM HDMI connection is red / Cannot establish an HDMI connection to the NAM ▼

  1. Check the connection into the HDMI port on the PC
  2. Follow the HDMI cable to the NAM and check the connection into the HDMI port on the NAM
  3. Open Span setup center and tap Image Alignment
  4. Ensure there is a green check mark next to NAM HDMI connection

Pressing Start Image Alignment does not bring up the image alignment screen ▼

  1. Restart the alignment module
  2. Restart the computer(s)

Last updated: July 4, 2017

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