July 29, 2019 – software update

On Monday, July 29, 2019, Span™ Workspace was updated.

The following are some of the new features that are available:

  • Jira® integration – users can now create Jira issues directly from a canvas. Issues can be created from notes and groups. Check out our Jira articles to learn how to set up Jira on your subscription.

  • User search improvements – from the user's page, admins can now search and filter the user list by name, email or subscription status
  • Guest management – on the user's page, admins can view, add, remove and manage subscription guests. Also, using the new role settings, guests can be upgraded to a licensed user.
  • User role settings – admins can now change a user’s role to user only, admin only or user and admin
  • Ink quality enhancements – ink on both the wall client and web client is now faster and smoother with no more dropped strokes
  • Full-screen mode – the web client now has an integrated feature to make any Span Workspace page full screen


  • All new subscription administrators will be automatically added as users. A “user + admin” will use up one subscription license. Any admin who does not want to be a user can change his or her role to admin only.
  • Span Workspace now requires passwords to be a minimum of ten characters and include specific character types. These requirements do not apply to users signing in with SSO (single sign on).

Further information and instructional documentation, including animated GIFs, are available on our customer support portal or through the Guide Me feature within Span Workspace. If you have questions regarding the update process or features in Span Workspace, please contact us at support@nureva.com.

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