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Can more than one HDL300 system be installed to cover a larger space?

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Yes, two standalone HDL300 systems can be combined to make a dual HDL300 system. This configuration is only supported when one of the integrated microphone and speaker bars is a part number 101191 or 101198. A firmware upgrade is also required. See below table for more information or contact Nureva for support.

PN# 101191/101198, SN# AVxx PN# 101191/101198, SN# AVxx

PN# 101191/101198, SN# AVxx

PN# 100325/100326, SN# AGxx

PN# 100325/100326, SN# AGxx

PN# 100325/100326, SN# AGxx

PN# = part number
SN# = serial number

It's possible to purchase a second integrated microphone and speaker bar to upgrade your current HDL300 system to a dual HDL300 system.

The part number is Dual-HDL300-B-U or Dual-HDL300-W-U, which includes an integrated microphone and speaker bar and an Ethernet cable.

Last updated: August 2, 2018

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