Voice Amplification Mode

When using Nureva® Console with an HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system
Last Updated: September 21st, 2021

With Voice Amplification Mode, an instructor wearing a wireless headset microphone connected to an HDL300 or Dual HDL300 will have an amplified voice in the room. The HDL300 system's full-room audio pickup continues to ensure that remote participants hear all voices from the classroom clearly.

Why use Voice Amplification Mode?

Speaking all day can put a strain on the instructor's voice. Hearing an instructor clearly can also be challenging for students, especially those sitting in the back of the classroom. With Voice Amplification Mode, you can improve the in-room experience for both students and instructors while still providing an excellent audio experience for remote students.

With Voice Amplification Mode 

  • In-room students can hear their instructor amplified clearly through the HDL300 speakers
  • Remote students can hear their instructor and in-room classmates clearly through the UC&C application, thanks to the HDL300 system’s full-room audio pickup
  • Everyone – instructor, in-room students and remote students – can be recorded with the UC&C application or lecture capture solution

NOTE: Only the voice of the person wearing the headset microphone will be amplified in the classroom.

 Required before you start:

What microphone systems can I use?

Headset and earset microphone systems are supported for use with Voice Amplification ModeLavalier, lapel, pendant or handheld microphone systems are not supported at this time. Users should verify with the microphone manufacturer that their microphone system and their transmitter are compatible.

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Validated systems

  • Receiver, transmitter and headset full system
    Receiver: BLX4
    Wireless bodypack: BLX1
    Headset: PGA31
    Earset: MX53
   Setup instructions
  • Receiver, transmitter and headset full system
    Receiver: EM-XSW-1
    Wireless bodypack: SK-XSW
    Headset: ME-3-II
   Setup instructions

Explore set up instructions for wireless headset and earset microphone.
Review Voice Amplification Mode FAQs.

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