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Hearing aid mode

When hearing aid mode is activated, a user is able to connect his or her hearing aid's transmitter to the HDL300 system via the auxiliary out jack on the connect module. Once the hearing aid is connected to the system, the user will receive both in-room and remote audio directly through the hearing aid. 

Hearing aid mode does not affect the volume or the quality of the audio. The system can be left in hearing aid mode without affecting any functionality. 

Users must supply their own hearing aid transmitters.

Activate hearing aid mode

  1. Press the F4 button on the remote five times in quick succession. A single blue light will start flashing on the microphone and speaker bar.
  1. Press the F4 button again to enter hearing aid mode. The LEDs will change from blue to red.
  1. Press the volume up button. The red LEDs will move to the right side of the LED display to indicate the system is in hearing aid mode.


  1. Plug the hearing aid transmitter into the auxiliary out jack on the connect module.

You can now use the system as usual.

Deactivate hearing aid mode

To turn off hearing aid mode, go through steps 1 and 2 and then press the volume down button. The red LEDs will move to the left side of the LED display. It is not necessary to disable hearing aid mode unless you require the Aux out jack for another purpose.

Last updated: November 8, 2017

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