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Using the screen capture function on the wall

Take a screen capture of your applications view, screen share or PDFs on a canvas.

While working on a canvas, you can use the screen capture button to take pictures of shared screens, PDFs or, when working on the wall client, application windows.

Take a screen capture from:

  • Screen share windows
  • The edit PDF window
  • Application windows accessed using the applications button

Capture a window

To take a screen capture...

  1. Tap the camera icon 

  1. Tap the Capture window button that appears in the center of the window. The image will be automatically pasted onto the canvas.

Capture a specific region

  1. Tap the camera icon   
  1. Tap and drag your cursor over the area you wish to capture. This will drag a capture outline around the area. If you are happy with the area you have selected, tap Capture region. If you did not select the correct area, tap the camera icon to start again. 

An image of the captured area will be automatically pasted onto the canvas.

Once the screen capture has been added to the canvas you can use all of the image editing features on it. 

Learn more about editing images: Editing images

Last updated: May 31, 2019

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