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Span Workspace technical requirements

The operating system and browser minimum requirements for operating Span Workspace.

Before you install or use Span Workspace, we recommend you meet or exceed the following minimum requirements.

If you are using a server proxy, make sure to follow our whitelist guidelines.

Wall client

The operating systems that support the wall client of Span Workspace are as follows:

     Certified      Compatible Unsupported
Windows® 10
.NET Framework 4.7 or higher

Windows 8

Windows 7



*The Nureva Wall WM408i is only compatible with Windows 10 or higher.

For help configuring other Windows 10 devices to work with our wall client, see our Tip: Configuring Span Workspace for other Windows touchscreens article.

Computer requirements
Image resolution1920 x 1016 at 60 Hz
ProcessorMinimum Intel i5 or higher (64bit)
RAM4 GB minimum. Recommend 8 GB or more if many images are being uploaded to the canvas
Hard disk2 GB of available space may be required
Video memory2 GB RAM per display
USB 2.0 high speed port
Graphics processor with DirectX® 9.0 compatible or better

Web client

A certified browser is one that has been tested and proven to work with our web client. Compatible browsers have been known to work with the software, but may still have minor bugs.

Certified computer browsers

Windows 10 Chrome™
*The only browser compatible with Screen Share
OSX 10 Safari®
OSX Chrome
macOS 10 Safari
macOS Chrome
Windows 7 Chrome
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge™

Certified mobile browsers

Android™ 7 Chrome
iOS 10 Safari
iOS 10 Chrome
iOS 11 Safari
Android 6 Chrome
Android 8 Chrome
Android Samsung browser

Last updated: July 10, 2019

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