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Learn how to link displays so that your canvases open across multiple displays.

Once your displays are linked and the settings are saved, the software will remember those settings for all other users who log in on those displays. 

These steps are for Span systems that have two or more PCs (1:1 systems). If your Span system has a single PC with multiple displays (2:1 system), follow the steps in the article Setting up an extended desktop display

Link displays

  1. Turn on the projectors using the power button on the remote control(s)
  2. Launch the wall software on both displays
  3. Sign into the software with your username and password on both displays
  4. Tap the gear icon on the canvas menu bar and select Link displays to bring up the dialog box. If you are on the left display, ensure the left display box says This display and vice versa if you are on the right display.

  1. Go to the other display and select Link displays from the gear icon again. Ensure the correct left or right  box is selected to correspond with the display.

  1. Save your settings by selecting Update display setup. The software will automatically apply these settings for anyone logging into these displays until a new display setup is saved.  

Open a canvas across linked displays

When working on a system with linked displays:

  1. Launch the software on all displays
  2. Log in to one of the displays
  3. Select the canvas you wish to open. This will log you in and open the canvas across all of the linked displays.

Learn more: Un-linking displays

Last updated: November 15, 2016

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