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Nureva release notes

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This article provides details for the latest product releases, along with links to view a more detailed version of the release notes.

Click the headers below to view the product release notes.

Span Workspace  

VersionDate (dd/mm/yy)Notes
August update14/08/19
  • Text focus fix
  • Quickshare fix
July release29/07/19
  • Jira® integration
  • User search improvements
  • Guest management
  • Ink quality improvements
  • Full-screen mode
May release5/5/19
  • Undo and redo
R 1210/3/19
  • Import PDF option
  • Note functions (text size/pin)
  • Usability improvements
  • SSO for Okta and PingFederate
R 11.116/12/18
  • Three-display compatibility

Nureva Wall touch utility  

  • Improved matching for multi-display
  • Modified touch appearance in UI
  • Ability to update Wall Utility via silent install
  • Resolved double and triple touch instances
  • Reduced latency for multi-touch
  • Resolved re-matching after upgrade
  • Removed upgrade cancel prompt
  • Improved touch latency
  • Improved screening on projector
  • Resolved calibration issues
  • Simplified calibration and wall utility icons
  • Initial release to support WM408i

HDL300 system  

  • Active zone control
  • Echo cancellation and audio output improvements
  • New default system bass and treble levels
  • Reduces ambient noise pickup
  • Dual HDL300 support

Room Manager  

VersionDateFile sizeNotes
v2.2.4232706/06/1918.5 MB
  • Disconnected cable bug fix
  • Motion detection improvements

  • Support for legacy, current, and future versions for projector firmware for the Nureva Wall.
  • Wall support
  • Wall tools
  • Notification updates
  • HDL300 single and dual support

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