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Using QuickShare

When a canvas is in QuickShare mode, users can add notes and images via their mobile devices, laptops and tablets without needing to log in to the software. 

Follow the steps in the article Enabling QuickShare on your canvas to enable QuickShare.


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Connect to QuickShare

There are two ways to join a QuickShare session. Participants can either

  1. Click the    icon on the main menu to show the 9-digit session code, or the QR code.
  2. Either scan the QR code using a QR code reader, or enter the nine-digit code in the "Access code" field at span.nureva.com/qs.

By scanning the QR code with a QR code reader, the participant's browser will navigate automatically to the session's QuickShare URL without needing a 9-digit code.

Add notes and images from QuickShare 

Add a note

  1. Enter up to 75 characters of text
  2. Tap on the note color icon to select a new note color if you wish
  3. Tap the send icon to add your note to the QuickShare group on the canvas

Add an image

  1. Tap the camera icon

  1. If your device has access to a camera it will prompt you to choose between the camera or the photo library. If your device does not have a camera it will give you access to your files to select an image file.
  2. Either take a photo with your camera or select an image file and press the send icon to add it to the QuickShare group on the canvas

The notes and images will be added to the group.

Users will be able to contribute to the QuickShare session until an administrator ends the QuickShare session.

Last updated: March 10, 2019

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